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Who is Michael Holly?
Our mission is to give you secret insight into what champion athletes do in their training every day to become great. 
We start with the assumption that they are not born Champions, but rather that they become Superstars through intelligent and persistent training in their sport.
Raise The Bar PV Club NEW*
Raise The Bar Pole Vault Club is one of the most successful clubs in the country.  We visit them in Reno to see what makes them tick!
Tracy Ohara - NCAA Div 1 Pole Vault Champion

Tracy Ohara is a two time NCAA pole vault champion athlete from UCLA. There's a lot more to vaulting than running like a maniac with a 15 foot pole. Watch as we explore the hidden strategies to this exciting sport with a day by day look at Tracy's athletic training!

Paige Pearce-World Champion Professional Archer

Paige Pearce is a 16 year old superstar archer. What makes this champion athlete so fantastic? What does she do in her athletic training that makes her  a superstar? We go into the woods to get the inside story on this 21st century Champion Robin Hood!
Anthony Gatto - World Champion Juggler
Michael Jordan shoots one ball at a time, he's a legend. Tiger Woods hits one ball at a time, he's a superstar. Anthony Gatto throws and catches 11 balls at a time, that makes him...a Juggler. This Champion Athlete shows us the sports training regimen that has made him a superstar!
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