Green Valley Pole Vault Team has produced over 25 Regional Champions and 5 State Champions! However, our program is not just about pole vaulting. It's about learning life skills that will lead to success in all future endeavors.

Pole Vaulters-Reaching Higher Heights!

Pole Vaulters are part elite Gymnasts, part Sprinters
and part Rocket Scientists. It's an incredible sport
that is thrilling and fun!
Although official track season is March through May, we practice all year round to give our team members more experience and therefore more opportunities for success. Practice times will be communicated to team members and parents through email and text.
Our program provides opportunities for trips to California and Arizona for special meets such as the Laguna Beach Invitational, Arcadia Invitational and Mt. SAC Invitational. These meets are visited by coaches from UCLA, Stanford, Berkeley and other prominent universities who are looking for athletes to bring to their program. Green Valley vaulters have earned over $500,000 in scholarships as a result of their participation in our program.